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Photo : Transport for London’s OUTbound network at our 2015 Inclusive Networks Awards. They won the ‘Engagement Initiative of the Year’ award for their #RidewithPride campaign

Inclusive Networks is all about celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive Networks was launched at the end of 2014 – with a good luck message from British institution Stephen Fry. We spent our first full year celebrating the achievements of workplace and community network groups via our award-winning website and thriving social media platforms. We also hosted our own events, including a panel event in London with Action for Children, John Lewis, EY and Ogilvy & Mather Group, as well as our very own awards event, which took place in Manchester in November 2015 and was sponsored by organisations including PayPal, EY and Fujitsu. In 2015 we celebrated the work of and supported over 100 network groups who champion diversity and inclusion all over the UK. It’s important to celebrate.

In February 2016 is was announced that Inclusive Networks was shortlisted for the ‘Charity/Community Initiative of the Year’ awards at the 2016 British LGBT Awards.

Photo : A selection of photos from our inaugural Inclusive Networks Awards

In mid-2016 we launched #ThisIsMe, an initiative that is all about spreading the message that everyone should feel they can be themselves in every part of their life with no filters. With so much hate making the news around the world, this seems even more important now. We need to celebrate who we are, and be proud about it too.

We’re doing our best to get this message to as many people as possible in a non-traditional way. We’re working hard not to put labels on what we do and we want our audience to be as diverse as possible. We hope by doing this people who may not have otherwise heard about some of the subject matters we’ll be covering will learn something new, and hear and see things from a different perspective.

We’ve found that often in diversity forums we are speaking to the same people event after event and it’s often the people who need little influencing – they already get the value of embracing diversity and inclusion. We need more allies or, as we like to call them, friends.

25,000+ followers, reaching over 500,000 people every month. This makes Inclusive Networks one of the most followed and engaged diversity organisations on social media.

Photo : A selection of photos from Inclusive Networks workplace networking events

Powered by Inclusive Networks, #ThisIsMe is an innovative, vibrant, community-focused initiative that brings people from all walks of life together at exciting events, and through original and interesting media platforms, including our magazine and our own unique events. We go the extra mile.

Inclusive Networks and #ThisIsMe are also about giving social enterprises, network groups, charities, businesses and brands a platform to showcase their work to an engaged and targeted audience.

It’s important that businesses and brands understand multiple identities amongst their staff and customers. We can’t be shortsighted.

Understanding that people don’t just fit into one group is vital – not just so businesses grasp the complexities of their employees’ and customers’ experiences but also to ensure they aren’t typecast or stereotyped in any way. This is an area where there is a lot of work still to be done.

It’s integral that we avoid looking at things as standalone and we look at the further issues which people who identify with more than one protected characteristic face (sexuality, race, religion, disability…).

Our sponsors have included PayPal, Fujitsu, EY, Manchester Pride, Diversity Jobs, Action for Children and Barefoot Wine.

Photo : A selection of photos from our informal #ThisIsMe ‘networking remixed’ events


[1] A visible sign of your authentic support for all things diversity and inclusion. We can help attract diverse talent to your organisation. We are a multi-platform organisation with a great reputation.
[2] Sharing your workplace, community and network engagement initiatives with a wide audience. We can make your networks and organisation more visible.
[3] Our website, social media, events and magazine stand out from the crowd – they’re fresh, modern and vibrant…and fun. We cover the full UK too!
[4] We feature and share news and features related to all diversity strands so you’re engaging with a diverse audience. As we cover all diversity strands we can talk about all your diversity and inclusion work in one place. All your network groups can be celebrated, supported and recognised equally.
[5] We help generate internal and external buzz for your brand and diversity and inclusion initiatives, via our magazine, online features, social media and reward and recognition initiatives. External endorsements and support have an impact.
[6] Keeping things simple. We are not a standalone events organisation. Across our platforms we can share your adverts and branding at our events, in our print/online magazine, across our social media and via our award winning website. We have it all covered.
[7] We’re different. We operate as a social enterprise. By working with us you help support others.
[8] We can tailor our packages to suit your requirements and budget. We’re very flexible!

Organisations who have advertised with us include Tesco, PwC, Royal Navy, The Co-operative Bank, UK Parliament, Transport for London, Cardiff University and Brown Brothers Harriman.

Photo : A selection of photos of our #ThisIsMe magazine readers and some of the awesome artwork


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