Interview : Jasz Vegas

Interview : Jasz Vegas

Jasz Vegas has an impressive skill set and has brought to together burlesque and daring magic. She is original, extremely dangerous and totally breathtaking. This stylish entertainer stars in the hottest new magic show to hit the UK mainstream: Killer Magic. Jasz Vegas performs a style of magic that is unlike any other performer on the scene.

She combines it with her dazzling burlesque skills, has edge and brings a truly contemporary feel to the magic and burlesque scene. Her magic can almost be a freak show and she goes further than any female magician has before.

In Killer Magic, Vegas competes against four of the top magicians in the country to create the most incredible magic and avoid having to perform a ‘Killer Trick,’ an illusion or stunt that has killed magicians in the past.

In this innovative and exciting new show Vegas shares airtime with four other male magicians, her charm and sometimes freaky tricks make her stand out from the crowd.

Does she perform killer tricks, stunts that many have sadly lost their lives doing? All will be revealed when Jasz lights up our screens when Killer Magic airs on BBC3 in the Autumn.

Jasz Vegas – Killer Magic

Check out Jasz Vegas in BBC3′s Killer Magic.

Five young magicians compete to avoid facing the perilous killer trick. After judging one another’s performances, the lowest scorer will take on a trick that has previously killed or injured a magician. The magicians have to combine magic with food and the killer trick is the infamous Bullet Catch – responsible for the deaths of twelve magicians.

The new series will air on BBC3 in the Autumn.

Network Buzz Interview

Do you have the support of your family?

They’ve always been so supportive. My mom and dad are great. I love them and I couldn’t do without them.

Did you have any role models growing up?

I did. The two David’s. David Copperfield and David Blaine. They changed the face of magic and I found them both to be very inspiring.

How did you get into the industry of magic and burlesque?

It was when I was at University doing my degree. I was doing photography and doing burlesque, fire and freak show performances alongside this. I really enjoyed performing so I followed my heart.

Do you have a career highlight?

Being a part of the new BBC3 TV show ‘Killer Magic’ is really the cherry on top of everything. It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I had so much fun.

And you’re the only female on the show too

I am. That’s fine. I never see it as girls and guys. It doesn’t make a difference in magic. It’s all about the skills of the person. We have great chemistry and we’re great friends.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love entertaining people and seeing their reaction. Seeing people smile. A comment that really stands out is when after me performing, someone came up to me and said ‘It feels like I believe in Father Christmas again’. Comments that like that really make it all worthwhile.

I have a great career and I enjoy it all. I love it.

Have you experienced any challenges in your career?

You get challenges in all careers and I’ve faced some small hurdles. If a career is too easy, it’s not worth doing.

As a child, what job did you want to be doing when you grew up?

I originally wanted to be a surgeon when I was a kid. I always did intricate things with my hands. When I was 12 I started doing magic shows for my family. As I got older I realised I could make a full time career out of magic.

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Be yourself. Everyone famous who makes it does so because they’ve been themselves. There’s something specific and unique to them. Be true to you. Don’t do anything that isn’t true to you.

What is a typical day like for you?

I’m a night owl so my day starts a little later. I usually get up at around 10 and then get ready for the day. I’ll start with practicing some magic, learning new tricks and writing some new routines. I make my own burlesque costumes so I may do a bit of that, or I’ll work with a designer if it involves tailoring or I need some extra expertise.
As we go in to the evening I’ll usually do a corporate party or gig, it may be a stage show or doing my magic in hand at tables. I’ll then head out for some cocktails and sushi with friends. I love Cosmopolitans so I’ll probably have a few of those.

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