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Student Pride 2017

Student Pride is an annual three day event that is centered around a free daytime festival on Saturday 25th February at the University of Westminster. Other highlights include a club night and exclusive movie screenings.

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Caketober is a month long celebration combining the perfect pairing of cakes and fancy dress. Forever Manchester are inviting companies, organisations and groups of friends to put on a bake sale and don their finest fancy dress day in their office, building or home. Gather together your colleagues and friends and pick a day in October when you’d like to host your Caketober event. Not one guilty calorie will be consumed throughout the month of October, so you’re hereby give permission to put down the kale smoothie, ditch the cabbage soup and quinoa, pick up a whisk and get...

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Edinburgh Mela Festival

The Edinburgh Mela seeks to embrace all its diverse communities and cultures. The events aim is to provide a high quality festival of music, dance and the wider arts from around the world, with the express purpose of promoting understanding between people and advancing the cause of community coherence. See the event website for timings and further...

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